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 We have large selection of Wine, Liquor, Beer, Alcohol, Spirits, Cigars, Champagne, Wine Cellar, Deli and Catering 

     the cork n bottle liquor, wine and beer store Historical Buldg  in palm springs
 The Cork `N Bottle liquor, wine and beer store is a Historical Building in Palm Springs 

Cork and Bottle liquor and wine store located at
342 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, Ca. 92234
About 200 ft. away from the Hyatt Hotel
(between Alejo & Amado St.)

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   cork n bottle liquor and wine store`s wine Cellar     
  Liquor and Alcohol selection at the cork and bottle liquor and wine store in palm springs        cork and bottle liquor and wine store`s Liquor and Alcohol selection

Cork and Bottle liquor and wine store have  large selection of  Liqueur and Alcohol and wine Cellar

Please come visit us for all your liquor, beer, wine and alcohol needs. We have large selection of Wines, Alcohol, Spirits And Cigars at a reasonable prices

Cork `N Bottle Liquor Store is the oldest Liquor and wine store in Palm Springs area selling imported and domestic Beer
and imported and domestic
wine and liquor. Cork `N Bottle Liquor Store established 1950`s.
Cork `N Bottle Liquor Store the only liquor store in downtown Palm Springs or the cork `N Bottle liquor store is the only place selling
Beer Wine Liquor in downtown Palm Springs.

Cork N Bottle, the Long Standing Tradition in Palm Spring
Cork N Bottle is one of the oldest stores in Palm Springs. Started in 1950’s it carries over fifty years of tradition in selling wine, liquor, beer and cigar. We are here to meet every little need of yours when it comes to top quality wine, liquor, beer and cigar. We deal only with the finest quality products. You can simply count on us and the quality that you find here.

You will find both domestic as well as imported beer to give you the variety you need. Whether it is wine, liquor, beer or cigar, all of them are very reasonably priced. Cork N Bottle, your only liquor store in downtown Palm Springs. You will not be able to find such finest quality beer, wine, liquor and cigar elsewhere in Palm Springs, California.

Wide Range of Wine and Liquor in Perfect Storage Conditions

We store your wine and liquor in perfect storing conditions so that you enjoy perfect wine. We have the largest collection of wine and champagne for you to choose from at affordable prices. People who are seasoned in selecting wine and liquor love Cork N Bottle, because of the widest range of options we provide our customers.  

The exhaustive range of wine and champagne can make it difficult for those who are not familiar in this field but you will not have to worry a bit. If you are not sure which one to pick, you do not have to worry. You can count on our experience and we will help you out. We will assist you pick the best wine and liquor for your special days and to impress your loved ones with the choice of wine and champagne.

Best suited for all Occasions and for Gifts
Our wine, liquor and cigar are not only best for you; they are wonderful to be offered as gifts to your loved ones and as always, every one will love your gift from Cork N Bottle. Our complete range of wine, beer, liquor and cigar can be best choices of gifts for all occasions and holiday seasons. Whether it is for family reunion, Thanks giving day, your anniversary what ever the occasion is, we have something special for you and we will be able to supply you with the best wine and liquor. Buying from Cork N Bottle, you will tend to save a great deal. We will help you to find something that suits your specific budget without compromising on the quality.

Our Pride  
We take pride in supplying only the best and we have done it for over 50 years and happy to repeat it every day. We have been a haven for wine lovers for over 50 years and our success can be attributed to the attention we pay to the quality of the liquor that we sell. Secondly, we attribute our success to our friendly and non-threatening shopping environment at our wine cellars. The number of choices we have for you can be pretty overwhelming. Our assistants are well trained to assist you in picking the best wine, beer, liquor and cigar. You do not need to have experience in picking the best wine and cigar when you visit Cork N Bottle, despite your inexperience you will be able to walk out with the finest collection of wine and liquor. In our establishment, we put our customers before everything else. Visit our store anytime and we guarantee the best treatment and best shopping experience.

Finest Quality Cigars for excellent Smoking Experience
We specialize not only in wine and champagne, you can also find the finest quality cigars carefully picked for you. We understand very clearly that the quality of the cigar is very important for men who are particular about their choice of cigars. Therefore, we only deal with the best brands to give you complete satisfaction. We have an exhaustive collection of cigar to match your specific taste and habits.

Best Prices
Cork N Bottle is highly reputed for its superior collection of wine, liquor, beer and cigar. In our collection, we have all price ranges to suit everyone’s pocket. Whether you are looking for an expensive bottle of wine for your anniversary celebration or a modest bottle of wine for a regular weekend, we have everything for you. You will find our prices to be competitive. As the only exclusive store for wine, liquor, beer and cigar in Palm Springs, we are dedicated to providing the best at the cheapest prices possible.

Friendly Atmosphere
We are one of the most friendly stores in Palm Springs. As one of the oldest liquor stores in Palm Springs, we have grown with our customers and we offer our services with a personal touch. You will immediately feel comfortable at our store to select your favorite wine, champagne, beer or cigar. You can leisurely pick what you need. We provide you with a highly relaxing shopping experience. We allow you the space you need to carefully select your bottle of wine. We do not expect our customers to rush in and pick the first bottle of wine they lay their hands on and rush back. We like our customers to enjoy shopping at our store spend time to select the best bottle of wine for their family and friends.  

Easy to access our Store
We are located in an easily accessible location in Palm Springs and in just about 200mt from Hyatt Hotel. This is one of the popular locations in Palm Springs and it is often on your way to something that you are headed to or headed back. Therefore, you will never have to go out of your way to pick your bottle of wine at Cork N Bottle. Situated in a prominent location, finding our store is never a problem.

Never miss the opportunity to get your wine and champagne at Cork N Bottle, one of the most reputed names in Palm Springs, California.

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